High school students publish guidebook in English

Five members of the English Club at Tomishiro High School put together a guidebook in English for foreign tourists. The book titled ‘Tomiko’s Favorite Spots’ was released in a completion ceremony at the Naha International Airport Terminal, Nov. 6th.

The guidebook was published jointly with Okinawa Convention & Visitors Bureau, OCVB, as a project to enhance receiving overseas visitors to Okinawa. The students introduced their recommended spots and shopping places, mainly in Tomigusuku City, in the 12-page book.

It took about four months for them to complete the book with support of translators and a printing company. 8,000 copies of the book was printed to give away for free at the airport and rental car shops.

One of the students, 17-year-old Towa Higa, says, “We want foreign visitors to enjoy Okinawa with the help of this book.” She hoped that as many people as possible would take advantage of the guidebook.

09:05 18 Jun , 2024