Nov 19 ~ 25


This period promises you plenty of aims and attempts, but you can also expect mistakes and failures – or if you want to say it in other words, you could be in for ‘various experiences.’ There’s a good chance that something would really surprise or delight you. You should inject plenty of good humor and burning passions into your love life. But pay close attention to money.


It seems that your progress at work coincides with changes in your romantic relationship. Maybe something that for you is ‘old news’ could turn out to be an exciting adventure to someone close to you. Take a little lighter stance in your outlook. You could also consider visiting a place that has been quite important to your in the past. Someone is finally going to believe your words.


You will be presented a chance to make changes in your life. They could be small and seem almost insignificant, but they could prove to have a huge impact in your mood in general. An idea to have a party with people you did not really care for earlier might start looking like a winner, if you think about it closer. You might end up meeting someone very special.


Your warm and friendly attitude delights people around you. You can expect to gain twice what you give to your loved ones this week. You get much good feelings and joy from your energetic mood. You can also expect to be able to resolve a long-standing problem that has been a stone in your shoe for too long. All this will make you confident and ready to start something new.


Have you listened more to the voice in your heart than your good sense? This is going to change, as the reality is about to set in. However, it’s not as bad as you think, as you can expect money problems to get resolved very soon. And besides, you are now in the right mood to put your business in order once and for all? Don’t let this opportunity to pass, but make the best of your energies.


This would be the proper time to tell people about your true feelings. You might notice some people to raise their eyebrows, as usually you are not the one to rock the boat. You must be honest and open. There are some relatives or friends who need your help, and you can expect busy and exciting times ahead you. It’s important to clean the table when you get ready to begin.


Your friendliness and charms are an inspiration to your friends, and many people want to be in your company. You should start discussions about your plans for Christmas now, because you have to take into account so many people and their wishes. You want to make others happy, and you have plenty to give. But you also must remember that you can’t please everyone.


You should now concentrate on refreshing both your mind and body. Maybe you can accomplish both by some activity, but it’s more likely that you can’t. The very least you have to be able to increase your effectiveness, and avoid excuses for not doing something. You can expect someone from the past to send you a message that is giving a needed boost to your self-confidence.


Have you been hiding your feelings towards a friend or colleague? You must take your time to think thoroughly what would be the right thing to do. Maybe you decide that it’s best to do nothing. Keeping an open mind and being flexible could mean a major impact on your satisfaction in the future. So, whatever you do, don’t rush it. You have plenty of time.


Creative ideas about the coming new year could prompt you to think seriously about a change of the environment, and even moving completely out of the country for a while. This could be a surprise even to yourself. You must bring out your creative side, while sharing your thoughts, ideas and feelings with your partner. You have more common that you believe.


You have many things you must pay attention to and take care of, mostly of financial sort. You must stay sharp as days go by. In the middle of all this rather messy business, you are even expected to be able to read between the lines. But that is the only way for you to find the clues to figure out what kind of feelings a certain person really has for you. Only then you can proceed.


You can expect plenty of all kinds of fun over the next couple of weeks, so prepare to hang along. In order to be able to enjoy this period as much as possible, you have to use your imagination to the fullest. It would be attractive to follow the old and known paths, but it really would be better for you to grab the new possibilities that are coming to you if you are brave.

04:08 15 Jun , 2024