Kodomo-no Kuni Zoo bear escapes cage twice

Mitsuki, a 3-year-old female black bear residing in Okinawa Kodomo-no Kuni Zoo broke through the roof of her cage and escaped the enclosure for a walk on Nov. 7th.

Zoo officials announced the incident on Nov. 10th, but stressed that Mitsuki’s freedom was brief as the zoo staff caught her a few minutes after her escape. A visitor had noticed the bear walking on the roof of the cage and alerted the keepers.

According to zoo officials, this was not the first time Mitsuki tasted freedom. She had forced open the fence with her forefoot and ran away from the cage also on Oct. 5th. At that time the zoo staff caught Mitsuki after about 10 minutes. The zoo repaired and reinforced the spot to prevent her from climbing the fence, but Mitsuki broke the cage in another place, this time using her teeth.

The zoo has scheduled a complete reinforcement work for the cage. During the construction, Mitzuki will be kept from the public view.

  • ewacloser

    Smart bear or lousy cage.

15:18 29 May , 2024