Man killed in freak traffic accident

A Naha man was killed when he was crushed between a building wall and a mini car in Matsuo, Naha City, Monday afternoon.

According to Naha Police, 46-year-old Tomoya Izumi was cutting trees on a street, when he was hit by a car driven by 77-year-old Yoko Oura. The car crashed into a wall of a building and Izumi was crushed between the car and the wall. He was take to a hospital in a cardiac and respiratory arrest where he was pronounced dead.

Police investigating the accident believe that something distracted Oura, and she steered the car into wrong direction while not looking ahead. She was arrested on suspicion of professional negligence resulting in death.

  • Steve Fabricant

    It happened near Asato/Sakaemachi, not Matsuo, right next to the Asato Koban. I was told that the man was an ordinary pedestrian, which makes more sense since there are no trees nearby. “Suspicion of professional negligence”????? Other than those issues, great reporting as usual.

06:04 15 Jul , 2024