NPO to set up children’s support facility in Okinawa City

Promise Keepers, an Okinawan NPO that supports homeless, poor and needy, is planning to open a ‘diner for kids’ (kodomo-shokudo) that would also offer study support and a place to stay in Okinawa City.

The plans call for serving free daily dinners to 300 children, who have not had enough food or who have to eat alone. In addition, the organization will give a helping hand to single mothers. The aim is to open the facility before Christmas.

The planned site is former Sumiyoshi-kaikan in Sumiyoshi, Okinawa City. Resident staff of the Promise Keepers would work in the facility that would be the hub for the NPO’s activities in the middle part of the island. An office of NPO Woman’s Pride that supports women in trouble who married or are dating U.S. Military related personnel, and a church will be included in the facility.

The NPO officials say that they already have received offers for donations of money and food, and volunteers from the U.S. bases are scheduled to come to help. The NPO is now soliciting the public for support as volunteers and study support persons. For more information, call the Promise Keepers at 080-2707-4416.

00:45 28 May , 2024