Police beef up presence at Camp Schwab main gate

As tensions are rising between guards and demonstrators in front of Camp Schwab main gate after the government resumed work at the Henoko landfill site, close to two hundred members of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police riot police unit were deployed at the gate on Nov. 4th, ostensibly as a reinforcement to the local police units against demonstrators.

According to reports in local media, five buses of the riot police with Nerima, Shinagawa, Adachi and Tama license plates were spotted heading for Naha Airport on Nov. 3rd.

About 200 members of the prefectural and the Tokyo Metropolitan riot police started to remove demonstrators totaling about 130 people from the road in front of the Camp Schwab main gate in the morning of Nov. 4th.

One the local demonstrators was reportedly injured in the process, and was taken to a hospital, and another male demonstrator was detained by the police.

04:49 15 Jul , 2024