Record number of participants at Great Okinawa Trade Fair

The second board meeting of the 2nd Great Okinawa Trade Fair 2015, one of the largest international food-related trade fairs in Japan, was held on Nov. 19th in Naha. The fair is scheduled to take place at the Okinawa Convention Center in Ginowan City this Thursday and Friday.

Organizers of the far announced that, as of Nov. 19th, 263 companies have confirmed their participation. Of them, 58 local companies and 142 companies outside of Okinawa have registered as suppliers, and 110 overseas and 41 domestic companies are participating as buyers. 12 companies have registered for a free business talk booth.

The companies come from 33 prefectures in the country and 16 overseas countries and regions including Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Companies from seven countries, such as Indonesia, Canada and Vietnam signed up for the event for the first time.

22:45 24 Jun , 2024