Registrations for Okinawa Marathon runners accepted

Registrations for the 24th Okinawa Marathon scheduled for Feb. 21st, 2016, started Nov. 1st and continue through Dec. 11th. However, the registration will close in case the number of applicants reaches the pre-determined limit.

People wanting to participate can register on the official event homepage, in person at the planning committee office or at FamilyMart convenience stores.

The participation fee is ¥4,500 for adults under 65 years of age. The fee for high school students between 16 and 18 years old, and runners over 65 years old is ¥3,500.

To take part in the concurrent 10km road race costs ¥2,700 for adults and ¥1,200 for high school age runners.

Details and registration are available in English at

15:15 29 May , 2024