18,326 complete Sunday’s Naha Marathon race

The 31st NAHA Marathon was ran Sunday with 26,679 people starting on the course at 9 a.m. at Meiji-bashi Crossing on Highway 58 in Naha City. The full-marathon course wound along roads in the southern parts of the island, and the finishing line was at Onoyama Sports Park.

18,326 runners, 14,363 men and 3,963 women, made it through the finish line within the 6-hour time limit meaning 68.69% of the participants completed the race, which is a 5.7-point decline from last year.

The winner in men’s category was 30-year-old Tomohiko Takenaka from Kyoto who completed the course in 2 hours 23 minutes 05 seconds. 41-year-old Mitsuko Hirose from Tokyo won the women’s race in 2 hours 53 minutes and 34 seconds. Hirose is the first woman to win NAHA Marathon four times in a row.

Participants outside of the island and overseas accounted for over 40 % of all runners, totaling more than 10,000.

17:17 17 Apr , 2024