26 new HIV carriers and AIDS cases in 2015

The Okinawa Prefectural Public Health and Medical Policy Division announced Monday that 26 new HIV carriers and AIDS cases have been discovered in Okinawa this year as of Nov. 30th. It’s the third highest number ever.

10 of the infected persons had already developed AIDS symptoms at the time they visited a hospital.

Prefecture officials explain, “If a person who is a HIV carrier starts an appropriate treatment earlier, the onset of AIDS can be avoided.” They asked people to take a free and anonymous test available at every public health institute.

Of the cases discovered this year, seven people are in their 20’s, six people in their 30’s, 10 in their 40’s and three are over 50 years of age. 25 of them are male, and only one is a female.

11:24 23 Jun , 2024