Arrests for drug offenses on rise

As of the end of November, 146 people have been arrested in Okinawa Prefecture during 2015 on offenses related to drugs and illegal substances, according to Okinawa Prefectural Police. The number is the highest since the statistics on such offenses have been collected.

Of the total, marijuana-related arrests count for 52 cases, which is the highest number in five years. The number of people arrested for the use or possession of methamphetamines was 70, which is the third highest number ever.

According the to Prefectural Police officials, cases, in which illegal drugs are discovered by body searches by patrol police, have increased.

In some experts’ point of view, drug users seem to be going back to methamphetamine or marijuana from so called ‘danger drugs,’ synthetic drugs that were previously not illegal by the letter of law but are now strictly controlled.

  • bob

    First came the rap crap and of course soon after come the drugs….meth heads…way to go japan

00:24 28 May , 2024