Bingata masters’ exhibition in Prefectural Museum

Bingata is the most valued of Ryukyu textiles, and one of the three Bingata schools dating back to the Ryukyu Kingdom era is Shiroma Bingata Atelier in Shuri-Yamakawa Town, Naha City. The atelier is currently staging a special exhibition at the Okinawa Prefectural Museum that runs through Sunday. Admission the exhibition is free.

The aterlier has brought on display about 65 works of the late Eiki Shiroma, the 14th master of the atelier, the 15th master Eijun Shiroma, who is the first son of Eiki Shiroma, and the 16th master of the atelier Eiichi Shiroma.

Eiki Shiroma devoted himself to improving Bingata after the war, and fostered many Bingata artisans including his son Eiki and daughter Eijun, Michiko Tamanaha and Reiko Fujimura. They all are still active in the field.

Of his role, Eijun says, “My father hold a solo exhibition when he was over 80 years old, so I can also put on an exhibition at 81 years of age. I would like my son who’s now in charge of the atelier to create new Bingata that fits the needs of the modern times.”

19:50 16 Apr , 2024