Company offers sanshin players for hire on web

WiseBank, a local information and communications company in Ginowan City, started a new service on Dec. 8th, of dispatching Sanshin players for entertainment at parties and wedding receptions.

The company accepts requests on line, and on a short notice dispatches a Sanshin player who meets the customer’s request. The company accepts registrations from performers on the company’s website, and currently has a roster of 10 experienced players, including persons who teach at Sanshin schools and prize winners of sanshin contests.

The company sends players anywhere within the island. The rendition fee is ¥13,000 for a 30-minute performance, with an additional fee of ¥3,000 per every 15 minutes thereafter.

The company aims at revitalizing the local Sanshin industry and promoting improvement of skills of young performers.

The company’s Japanese language website ’Sanshin Patto Kuru’ is at

23:26 24 Jun , 2024