Customer discovers drink server part in her cup

Incidents of customers discovering foreign objects in their food or drinks at McDonald’s restaurants at various parts of the country do not seem to abate.

The latest headache for the chain came from its Ohira McDonald’s in Urasoe where a female customer discovered a plastic part of the drink server machine in her beverage cup when she lifted the lid. The foreign object in the drink was about a 4.5-cm-diameter-plastic cap of the drink server’s lip. When the woman who ordered the drink was going to eat the ice in the cup, the cap fell into her mouth. She was not injured.

According to officials at Japan McDonald’s, beverage server machines are cleaned up regularity in each store. In this case, the cap is believed to have fallen into the customer’s drink because the cap had not been installed properly to the machine after washing.

01:30 21 May , 2024