DUI suspect locks himself in house, arrested after warrant

The Prefectural Police Traffic Mobile Unit arrested a 22-year-old male college student from Minami-Uebaru, Nakagusuku Village, Dec. 16th, on suspicion of drinking and driving.

The young man is suspected of drinking and driving on a street near his house early in the morning on Dec. 14th. Police say, a patrol unit had stopped him and smelled alcohol in his breath when they questioned him.

When the officer was about to do the standard breathalyzer test, he insisted he needed to use a bathroom in his house just across the street, which the officers agreed to. But after he disappeared into his house to do his business, he did not come back out, nor did he answer the police after making his way inside.

The patrol officers could not enter the house without a warrant, and they waited outside for several hours until the prefectural police was able to obtain a court warrant to enter and obtain a blood test. Police finally got him to a hospital for the blood alcohol test after about six-hour delay. The test detected alcohol in his blood, and the student was arrested.

After the incident, a spokesman for the Prefectural Police told the media, “We never let suspects go no matter what it takes to get them. We have a very strict stance against them!”

16:35 21 Apr , 2024