First students take entrance exams to Kaiho and Kyuyo junior high schools

The first joint entrance examination to the prefectural public junior high schools, ‘Kaiho Junior High School’ and ‘Kyuyo Junior High School,’ took place in Haebaru Town and Okinawa City on Sunday.

Successful applicants will enter on a course of combined junior high and high school without the need to take a separate exam for the high school. Both schools are considered elite schools on Okinawa, from where the students have a good chance to enter top domestic colleges, such as Tokyo and Kyoto Universities, and medical schools, once they complete the high school.

A total of 477 children, 231 boys and 246 girls, took the exam for Kaiho Junior High School, and 383 children, 167 boys and 216 girls, aimed for Kyuyo Junior High School. Each of the schools have 40 slots available, meaning 11.93 percents of the applicants get into Kaiho, and 9.58 percent in Kyuyo.

Applicants took four kinds of tests that included national language, arithmetic, social studies and science. In addition to the paper test, the children had a five-minute interview with the schools.

The results of who will pass and who fails will be sent by mail to each applicant by Jan. 12th.

23:13 23 Jul , 2024