Dec. 3 ~ 9


Plans you have made for the weekend could change, but luckily not so much that you have to remake everything from scratch. Do not set in stone anything that has to do with romance, but keep your options open. Try not to worry about matters that you have no power to affect anyways. Instead, you should concentrate on things that you can make progress with.


It’s important to discuss matters openly, both at work and home, as it’s very easy now to run into trouble because of misunderstanding. You should pay special attention to your lover to make sure that everything is smooth. One of your colleagues is in need of a helping hand, and you are in the best position to help. It would also bring of good advantages for both of you.


Love and romance are in the limelight this weekend. However, remember that no relationship flowers automatically. You have to put a little effort to be able to reach the level your companion expects. First of all, you must decide whether you want give this relationship all of your heart. Giving yourself is much more important than expensive gifts.


Are you getting tired of your job? If so, you should not let it show. If you look enthusiastic, your boss and colleagues are sure to take a notice, and their impression about you will change for the better. In order to get your love life to bloom you should do something new and different together. Sometimes daily routines get old, so you should do more domestic chores together.


It could be nice if someone else would take as much responsibilities as you, and did not leave everything on your shoulders. Maybe you should hide your ability to be as good as you are in everything you do. On the other hand your skills and perfection that you show creates trust and confidence in people around you as long as you don’t become snobbish and arrogant about it.


Many thoughts go around inside your head, and it could be difficult to calm down. But you have to try. Find a quiet place where you can sit down and put your thoughts in order, and sometimes also listen to people around you. You could find valuable drops of wisdom. A certain older person could also give you good advice in solving a problem you currently have.


As far as romance goes, you have now plenty to choose from. However, you must be friendly also towards those who do not meet your standards. Although openly talking about your feelings, or musing about what those feelings mean is not important to you, bringing them into a conversation could be a source of self-confidence to your partner. Enjoy your popularity.


At this time of the year you may get the feeling that your money just flows out of your pockets! And it is important that you pay attention to your spending. After all, you have to be able to live through January and February, too. Make sure you are clearly understood, especially in romance. Be open, and don’t let a misunderstanding spoil your love life.


Although a certain person has hurt your feelings earlier, this would be a good time to forgive and forget. But do not expect an immediate thank you because there’s a matter of pride that has to be swallowed first. Listen to your own needs and hopes, and put them in the first place for a chance. It’s about the time that you stop only serving others forgetting yourself.


You should allow more space to a person who’s close to you, if that person so wishes, and concentrate on your own plans instead. Getting organized would save you both time and money in the future. A colleague is doing you a favor that takes you with a complete surprise. It makes you wonder whether you really are so attractive. The answer is yes, and you know what to do.


There will be a set of changes early this month. You should use this opportunity to get rid of negative people and situations. Many may have taken you for granted, but you really don’t deserve to be treated like that. You should direct your energies towards things that you enjoy. Sometimes it’s all too easy to get stuck to old habits and then feel down for it.


From this weekend onward there is a period when you should focus on any kind of learning. The more you have conversations with people around you the more you learn. There are many interesting things in this life that you still haven’t discovered. Reading a lot and using your imagination are sure ways to electrify your charms, and that will attract plenty of new friends.

19:16 16 Apr , 2024