Dec 10 ~ 16


It’s really surprising how quickly we can lose our cool when we face a frustrating situation or person. However, it’s almost always best to stay calm and think about the situation at least once, when someone slams the door shut on your face. Think why this is happening, before you take it personally. And be especially cautious if romance and passion are involved.


Is there a small voice inside your head that tells you what you should have done, or what you should do now? That could really become a pain! Why worry about what is past, or something that will necessarily never happen? Instead, you should try to live in today and this moment, as that will make your life much easier. Time is likely to bring a solution anyway.


You can expect the next few days to be a very emotional period that is full of ups and downs. However, it seems that you have no problem getting through. The reason could be that you finally have figured out where you are going with your life. You can expect to have a strange discussion this weekend that helps you understand how confused a person close to you really is.


The best way for you to show your strength is to show your friendly and smart side. But you should be careful not to send romantic signals when you talk with people unless you really mean it. People around you look up to you, but you should not take all the problems of the world on your shoulders. If you do, you could end up blaming yourself if your ideas do not work.


You can expect smooth sailing ahead, and you feel satisfied with yourself and the world. You have now a chance to enjoy your achievements. When you see what others have managed to accomplish, you can be that much more happy about your current position. But you could become impatient about planning your next move because you have a burning desire to advance in your life.


Do you feel fed up with some people taking you for granted? People around you should understand that your place is not to be a doormat. At this time of the year with Christmas and other holidays just around the corner you would not want to hurt anybody’s feelings, but it still would not be a good idea to bottle up until the year end with something that has to be said aloud.


Your mind is clear and everything seems to have its purpose. You must thing what your goals are. Are you moving to the right direction in order to reach what you want? When you meet people this weekend, let our intuition guide you without paying too much attention to anything that other people have possibly told you, as they do not necessarily want even hear any of that.


There are certain things that now seem predictable and even natural. What has happened this week is giving the momentum to your future. You have to find a balance and harmony between your feelings and rational thoughts. But you should not hide those feelings from people. Be open, and you will find that you have more love around you than you ever had thought.


Have you been very busy and occupied lately? You should try to find more time to spend with your family and friends. You will not regret if you make your life just a little easier. It’s a possibility that you have restricted and depressed your life with something that you have invented and made up yourself. Once you discover what it is, you should put a stop to it and enjoy.


The key to make your life easier is better organization. This is the time of the year that you really shine, but you should be careful not to overreach. Nobody wants you to burn out. You have plenty of friends and colleagues around you who are ready to give you a helping hand, and you should be ready to accept all that help with gratitude. That’s what friends are for.


Basically you feel satisfied but there is some kind of underlying restlessness that drives you forward. You should try to use it to your advantage to keep you in the cebter of all that happens. You should not hesitate to offer your help and advice to people around you. Who could resist your sincere offer for help and funny ideas that would make everyone’s life more enjoyable?


You should try to be more flexible and adjust your life to accommodate the pace of others. You may not get immediately what you want, but keeping good relations with people without burning any bridges is always a good idea. You would like very much to get on with your to-do list, and waiting for others could be difficult, but you should try to keep your calm, nevertheless.

19:49 16 Apr , 2024