Dec 24 ~ 30


Even though it’s Christmas you are very much in demand, so pay special attention to your schedule. However, you only decide how to allocate your time, not people who ask for your favors. After all, you have the right to enjoy Christmas, too. So, look after your own good, and make sure you reserve time for quiet pleasant evenings with your loved ones. That’s only reasonable.


Do you start feeling the joy of the season, and if not, is there someone who is trying to throw sticks into your gears? Try to avoid negative people. They are never good for you, and specially not now. You are in for some memorable moments and you have plenty of people around to help you. You should build on the relationship you already have. You two have it better than you think.


Mixed and confused feelings towards someone close to you could be an omen. You should be sure about your long-lasting relationship, but you don’t seem to be right now. Of course, anything in life can change. You should spend more time together and be open and honest. Especially, do not make any hasty decisions. After the holidays you will have a better picture.


Your expectations about Christmas and holidays could be high, but in a matter of fact, the most important thing is the real feeling of peace inside you. Have a good time and forget possible problems of tomorrow. Tell people around you what you rally want. You have a tendency to draw back when you think that people could hurt you, but that is not the end of the world.


You have many expectations about this holiday season, but someone seems to dampen your optimism. That’s why you must seek the company of people who look at the world more positively than that someone. This month is a steppingstone to next year. You have an idea that you have wanted to start for a while. Do it now, and you will have much joy about it once you begin.


It’s always fun o spend money but you really should try to entertain yourself in some other way. Your presence and closeness is much more important to your loved ones than some gifts you are likely to shower on them. Make it your task to spend more time with your loved ones from now on. Be prepared to receive some kudos this weekend, and don’t forget to be thankful.


Feelings of closeness towards your partner are growing stronger. Many common interests tie you two together tight. When someone brings you a new idea, take a positive and open mind to look at it. That could very well be a key to your own success as well. People close to you want to see you happy and content. You are very important to more people than you have thought.


A sudden feeling of friendliness could lead you to get involved in something completely new. However, you should make sure to check how much it’s going to cost you, and also whether you have enough time to invest in this. If your decision is based on some romantic hopes, you better realize that those could change overnight. Maybe something more permanent could be better.


A breakthrough in your professional life, or something you have wanted to get for a long time, is likely to affect your way of thinking over the next two weeks. You should be patient and invest some time in basic research, so you can be ready when the opportunity knocks on your. That’s when you grab it, and take your own share of the fortune, not before nor when it has gone.


You have to be more open when you are involved in a romance. It does no good to avoid a certain fact no matter how much it confuses or even embarrasses you. You need to be reminded from time to time that the best way to reach what you want is by being brave. You like to be around people with high status and positions in he society, and there’s nothing wrong with that.


Do you have this burning feeling of wanting to tell certain people about your feelings about someone? You may get your opportunity when they ask a favor from you. You remember your ex-lover, and that’s messing with your mind, Maybe it makes you afraid of repeating old mistakes. But you should not let old wounds to bother you, but instead you should forgive and forget.


If at all possible, you should take care of unfinished money business before the end of the year in order to be able to start from a clean slate. Even if the warmth of your own home feels so inviting, do not stay within your own four walls. Many friends are out there and want to enjoy your company. Make it your duty to bring joy and happiness to those who care about you most.

02:40 22 May , 2024