Kariyushi Group opens 2nd low-cost city hotel, plans more

Kariyushi Group, which manages several resort hotels in Okinawa opened its second low-priced city resort hotel ‘Kariyushi LCH’ in Izumizaki, Naha City on Dec. 4th.

The second Kariyushi LCH facility is a five-story building, and can accommodate 58 guests. The rate for a single room starts from ¥4,540 per night including tax.

The company also plans to renovate its former head office in Izumizaki in April, and convert the building into the third Kariyushi LCH.

A company spokesman says that overseas customers have made up more than 30% of customers in the first Kariyushi LCH that opened in November 2013. Because of this, the company plans to strengthen its response to the demand from foreign visitors.

18:07 17 Apr , 2024