Large hotel complex to rise on Nashiro Beach

Okinawa Resort Co. announced that it would construct a resort facility that includes a hotel, pool, and chapel on Nashiro Beach in Itoman City.

Ken Corporation, a high-class real estate consulting and management company in Tokyo, acquired a 50 % stake in the Okinawa Resort Co. on Dec. 10th, and the companies also formed a business alliance on the same day.

The construction of the hotel is scheduled to start in January 2018, and the aim is to open the hotel in spring 2020. Ken Corporation currently manages a high-class brand name hotel Hyatt Regency in Makishi, Naha City.

The plan calls for making two 11-story buildings with 230 guest rooms in each tower. The average size of the rooms will be 40 square meters.

The company expects to hire about 400 people with some of them coming from Ken Corporation and the rest from the island. The construction cost is budgeted at around ¥30 billion.

Okinawa Resort Co. was established for the purpose of resort development at Nashiro Beach, and had applied to the Prefectural Government for prior consultations in order to get all necessary permits in advance.

  • Riquez

    oh dear – that is another natural beach ruined then. No dogs, no swimming, no enjoying nature.

13:28 25 May , 2024