Laser beams pointed also at Kadena aircraft

Officials at Kadena Air Base say there have been three cases of laser beams directed at U.S. military aircraft flying near the base. U.S. Marine Corps officials reported similar incidents earlier around the MCAS Futenma, and Okinawa Prefectural Police arrested a 56-year-old local video shop manager on Monday on suspicion of pointing laser beams at Marine helicopters.

According to officials at the 18th Wing of the Kadena AB, there have been three cases of laser beams pointed at aircraft near Kadena this year so far, and three more cases in the past.

Kadena officials said the incidents have been reported to Japanese authorities, as such attacks threaten the safety of aircraft crews and pose risks to residential areas near the base.

No arrests have been reported as a result of the incidents in Kadena.

  • Tom Denk

    How terrible. Guess we should close Kaneda then, due the dangerous Laserpointers. … or arent the jets (starting & flying over residental areas) the more dangerous thing ? Lets be honest those Laserpointer news is just another LDP Propagada “news” over to the papers as countermove against the growing Henoko protests. What about the Riotpolice who is breaking arms & hurting people ?

00:52 26 Jun , 2024