Luggage from Incheon to Naha ends up in Narita

Passengers on Korean LLC Jeju Air from Incheon International Airport in Seoul to Naha on Nov. 31st were in for not so pleasant surprise when they discovered that the luggage that hey had checked in at Incheon did not arrive at Naha with them.

Plenty of luggage flowed on the airport carousel after the arrival, but none of it belonged to the Jeju Air passengers to Naha. Instead, they were supposed to go to Narita Airport in Chiba outside Tokyo. A good bet is that passengers at Narita were not amused, either.

According to officials, such a big mistake is unusual, and the Korean Land, Infrastructure and Transportation Ministry has stated an investigation to the cause of the incident.

Jeju Air officials explained that, “It was a simple mistake of an affiliated company in charge of loading luggage onto aircraft..” However, the company officials admit the company had not made sure that the luggage had been loaded into the aircraft properly.

According to Jeju Air, there were 163 passengers on the flight to Okinawa, and there were initially 120 pieces of luggage to load. In fact, 122 pieces of luggage for Narita was loaded on the aircraft instead.

12:44 15 Apr , 2024