Two abandoned boats burn down at Tomari Port

A fire broke out at Tomari Fishing Port in Minato-machi, Naha City, about 14:53 on Dec. 17th that destroyed two abandoned boats docked on the shore. No one was injured in the fire.

The two burning boats, a 15 and 19-ton fishing boat, were completely destroyed. Eleven fire engines were dispatched to the scene, and they doused the fire in about an hour. A storage tank containing heavy fuel oil is located near the spot the fire started, and fire fighters continued to discharge large amounts of water on the tank and surrounding areas in order to prevent the fire from spreading.

Naha Police and Naha Fire Department are jointly investigating the cause of the fire.

Officials closed the nearby Tomari Bridge to traffic for an hour during the fire causing a major traffic jam in the area. The traffic was allowed back on the bridge as soon as the flames and thick smoke subsided.

00:35 21 May , 2024