U.S. military, civilian DUIs up 40% in year

According to officials at the Okinawa Prefectural Police Traffic Enforcement Division, the number of DUI arrests of U.S. military personnel and civilians has increased about 40% in a year compared to the same time period before the U.S. military liberty policy was eased in December a year ago.

According to police, there were 29 arrests for DUI between Dec. 9th, 2013 and Dec. 8th, 2014. The number of DUI arrests increased by 13 to 42 between Dec. 9th, 2014 and Dec. 8th this year after the policy was relaxed.

Prefectural Police have dealt with the matter by sending out information of accidents to the AFN, and having held lectures about Japanese road traffic rules and transportation conditions as a means to prevent of DUI incidents among the U.S. military personnel.

  • Noble

    Hmmm, 42 DUIs / ~50,000 SOFA personnel on Okinawa is 8.4 /10,000.

    I learned at a Japanese driving course this summer that of the ~2,000 licenses that get revoked annually in the prefecture, over 60% are from DUIs. So that’s 1,200 DUIs annually (at least), out of a population of ~1.2 million, or about 10 / 10,000.

    So the US military gets DUIs at a lower rate than the native population. But we can’t have an article with a headline like that, because it doesn’t paint the US military in a sufficiently negative light.

    • http://batman-news.com Smiley Face

      That’s about right, yeah.

    • bob

      What US civilian, these people can’t even read their charts, hell their are 20 MLCs or more for one US civilian living or employed on Okinawa.

04:41 17 Apr , 2024