Couple in hospital after house fire in Ginowan

A fire broke out in a two-story concrete house in Aragusuku, Ginowan City, about 3 in the morning on Jan. 25th that completely destroyed the second floor of the house.

Firefighters managed to put off the fire after about an hour. A 64-year-old man and his wife living in the house were taken to a hospital due to smoke inhalation but their condition is not life threatening.

According to police investigating the cause of the fire, the couple had three cats, and had placed an electric heater next to their cage. They had covered the cage with cardboard and newspapers in order to keep hot air from blowing directly on the pets, and investigators believe the cardboard and newspapers caught fire.

Two of the cats were found dead in the cage after the fire but one of them is missing.

13:14 22 Apr , 2024