Governor unveils details of new Okinawa MICE facility

Okinawa Governor Takeshi Onaga held a press conference on Jan. 20th at the Prefectural Government Office to officially announce details of the planned new MICE facility to be constructed in the Marine Town area at Nakagusuku Bay Port between Yonabaru and Nishihara Towns.

The new facility will have a total of 40,000-square meter floor space, including 30,000 square meters of exhibition space for international trade shows and other large-scale functions. It will be the fifth largest such facility in the country.

In addition to the exhibition space, the facility will have a 7,500-square meter multipurpose hall, 20 to 30 middle and small-size meeting rooms and a rest area (foyer) of 2,500 square meters.

A large-scale multi-story parking garage for 2,000 vehicles will be constructed adjacent to the MICE facility. The plans call for the facility to start operating in 2020. The cost of the project is expected to be in the range of ¥50-70 billion.

09:19 17 Apr , 2024