Jan 14 ~ 20


You can expect to have a few days ahead that you feel listless and without your usual energy. However, you should still seek the company of your friends and family, because they are your most important source of energy in your life. Try to keep an open mind towards anything new. Romance could surprise you any time and anywhere, you just have to keep your eyes open.


The start of January could sometimes feel a little sour, but luckily you have your ability to talk with people, and that is going to be your lifeline. Remember to keep your sense of humor intact, as you are going to need it. It would also be a good idea to organize a long-term schedule with important dates in place. That would be the best way to advance your future plans.


Someone who has been close to you could suddenly almost disappear from your life. That could be tough, but sometimes also unavoidable. You have many friends who are able to show you the way ahead. Luckily, this time of the year it’s easier to look forward than long for the past. Much is going happen that could both confuse you but also bring joy and delight.


Did you let a romantic opportunity to slip by? You know, when the time is right to do something about it, so you should not worry. One of your New Year promises is going to give you very firm guidelines for the next few weeks. Pay attention to your wellbeing and level of energy. If need be, take time to recharge your batteries, but do not give in to a desire to slack off.


Something new could be your ticket to romance. Remember that life does not need to be taken so seriously all the time. Sometimes it’s good just to go with the flow and concentrate only on enjoying yourself. A lighter take on your life could do wonders to your psyche, and soon you would be able to notice the winds of change that bring fresh and sweet new smells to you world.


The beginning of this year promises to bring you something big. You feel that you are at the center of things and that feel very good. You can advance many projects and, at the same time, you are able to bring joy to people close to you. Yu should enjoy to the fullest everything good that is now going on in your life! You have worked hard, and now is the time to collect your rewards.


Someone is expecting you to pay back a favor that you received when you really needed help. You should be ready to do that, as it would be also in your own best interest. A younger friend may not be in as good mood as you would expect. Maybe you could brighten up this person a little. This year is going to bring many changes, and you should prepare to make the best of them.


There’s someone who has been watching you but you have not allowed this person close. Once you do, you will realize how important this person really is for you. You should turn a new page in your life. Ask yourself, if you do enough things that you really enjoy? When you treat yourself right, those close to you will also benefit. That’s why it’s important to pay attention.


You try to live here and now all the time, because you might find it difficult to relax when your thoughts are too much in the future. You will find that your life makes much more sense if you try to cooperate with other people. People seem to genuinely enjoy your company, but you often send mixed signals as you try to do too many things at a time. Concentrate instead.


You could bump into an old friend who could bring old memories into your mind. Try to enjoy a meeting or encounter that has been planned for you next week. Namely, you could make a mistake by automatically expecting it to be boring! You should bravely take on challenges that this starting year is going to bring you. They are many, but they also have great rewards.


It could be sometimes difficult to find solutions to problems that are nagging in the back of your head. So you sometimes feel that too many decision that you have made have come to nothing? You should stand firm behind your own opinions and principles. Take an ambitious stance for the future, as that’s the best guarantee for your success. No one else is going to help you.


There’s one area in your life that seems to have dominated over everything else. Promise yourself that from now on you proceed straight forward without any excuses for sidesteps. You are facing plenty of new things that you don’t want to miss. Not everyone is going to agree with you or approve of your decisions, but the fact is that it’s impossible for you to please everyone.

06:14 17 Apr , 2024