Jan 28 ~ Feb 3


Do you feel or have a dream that, although you are running, you don’t seem to move ahead? The next few days could very well feel like that. Luckily this is going to change after a while. In the meantime, you should have serious discussions with your friends, and use every piece of information you can gain and is useful for you. Someone has a very interesting tale to tell you.


This weekend promises to be passionately romantic, and sure to take your thoughts away from boring projects that fill your days at work. However, this is not going to impress your boss, so keep it to yourself! You should not keep your problems inside, but bring them out to your friends and family members for advice. Being open will also strengthen the bonds between you.


Your family and friends need your time, and you have to give it to them no matter how busy you are otherwise. This could be a result of promises or suggestions that were made sometime last summer. Someone is going to ask for a favor, and you really should help if you only can, but if the question is about money, do not jeopardize your own or your family’s finances for it.


New friends or hobbies, including fine arts or music, could take you to new and unknown areas of life, but just relax, listen and learn. Perhaps it’s difficult for you to see the purpose of some aspect of these new things right away, but you are sure to notice and appreciate it later. You should reserve more time to romance and love instead of wasting your time avoiding them.


Would you like to pamper yourself this weekend? Happiness and love go hand in hand, and the only thing you have to do is to get out of the house and take a good look around you. Take care of your health, and be especially careful to get enough sleep. After all, how could you enjoy partying to the fullest if you don’t have the energy to keep up with the rest of the gang.


Something unexpected and surprising is going to stop you on your tracks this weekend. It seems that you are not very interested in people who change their mind all the time, but you really have to take care of this case. It’s better that you know all the facts now than later. But you have to promise to keep a secret, even if it’s sure to be difficult this time. So, just shut up and bear it.


It’s easy for you to see the practical sides of different situations, and that really is one of your strengths. Someone at your job is going to make a suggestion that first seems to be too insignificant to note. And although it’s not nearly enough to convince you right away, you surely can build on it. Forget modesty and show what you can do. That creates optimism.


Your life is now on the fast track, and you are getting new ideas, influences and inspiration from all sides. This could feel confusing in the beginning, and you could find it difficult to decide. You have to think who’s who, who’s loyal and who angles only for his or her advantage. Luckily, time is all on your side, so there’s no reason to make up your mind quick. Think first carefully.


You can expect to hear some really good news. If they concern money, keep your cool, but don’s lose a chance to make a good ad long-lasting impact in your field of business. It could be that people now expect you to take a greater responsibility on your shoulders, or they could expect you to commit more deeply and visibly to the task at hand. Whatever it is, take it.


Evenings are still offering memorable moments, although it’s not necessarily advantageous to your work. However, a few late nights in good company do not make s big difference, as long as you keep all the details in mind. Someone could ask for your help. Before you agree, make sure that you fully understand all relevant facts, especially if it involves significant sums of money.


You could need advice after a recent meeting involving questions regarding your work. You should turn to a person who has known you for some time, and you know will not hesitate to give you an honest opinion. Especially, avoid mixing feelings into your decisions, as it would be easy to confuse and mess with your ability to evaluate the matter. Love and business don’t mix.


Something you have worked with for a while seems to begin to move ahead. However, patience is still necessary. Keep your emotions in check when you make the final decision. It’s understandable that at times you would like to escape and hide, but first you must take care of a few tasks. Only then you will have time to immerse yourself in your castle in the fantasyland.

12:01 22 Apr , 2024