Marijuana use in Okinawa increasing

The number of arrests related to possession of marijuana among young people on the island is increasing.

According to Okinawa Prefectural Police, the number of arrests of offenders in their 20’s has increased about threefold from 11 in 2014 to 32 persons in 2015.

Officials at the Prefectural Organized Crime Control Division say 57 cases related to marijuana were detected last year in the prefecture and, among those, 37 involved persons who were in their 20’s or younger, including 5 teenagers.

The total number of marijuana-related arrests increased about 40 percent compared to the previous year.

Lately, police have tightened the control of so called ‘illegal dangerous drugs,’ substances that were previously outside of the scope of law. Those substances were used mainly by young people, so it is thought that now those people are going back to using marijuana.

  • ewacloser

    57 cases in a population of 1million+? That is a very good statistic.

11:14 04 Mar , 2024