Okinawa sets cold records across island Sunday

Due to strong cold air mass flowing from Siberia over all of Japan including Okinawa, sleet was observed in Nago City and Kume Island, Sunday. This was the first time sleet has been observed raining on Kume Island since Feb. 17th, 1977 39 years ago.

Okinawa main island experienced the second lowest temperatures in the recorded history with 3.1 degrees centigrade measured in Oku, Kunigami Village, on Sunday evening.

On Kume Island, the lowest temperature ever on the island was recorded Sunday at 21:15 when the temperature plunged to 5.2 degrees centigrade.

14 out of 28 meteorological observation points on the island set new lowest temperature records. In addition to sleet in the northern part of the island, occasional hail was observed across the island.

  • Indigo Bones

    What’s “grail”?

    • MickMc

      Might be a typo. “Hail” was recorded in Nago.

08:40 17 Apr , 2024