PFOS contamination found at Chatan water facility

The Prefectural Enterprise Bureau announced that organic fluorine compound perfluorooctane sulfonate (PFOS) was discovered in higher concentration than any other location at Chatan Water Purification Plant and a pump station with a water source in rivers running through Kadena Air Base. Officials believe the base to be the contamination source.

Toshiaki Taira, a chief of the Prefectural Enterprise Bureau, visited Okinawa Defense Bureau on Jan. 21st, and asked for stop using PFOS and to take measures if FFOS is used on Kadena Air Base.

PFOS is a man-made compound that used to be the key ingredient of fabric protector Scothgard made by 3M. It is still used in Skydrol, a hydraulic fluid used in aviation. It’s also used in fire-fighting foams.

17:18 17 Apr , 2024