Alleged Kiyohara’s drug dealer nabbed on Okinawa

The arrest of popular 48-year-old former Japanese professional baseball player, Kazuhiro Kiyohara, sent a jolt through the national sports world. Kiyohara was arrested on suspicion of the use and possession of illegal stimulant drugs.

On Feb. 15th, the Tokyo Metropolitan Police arrested on Okinawa a 44-year-old unemployed man from Midori City, Gunma Prefecture, on suspicion of selling the drugs to Kiyohara.

According to police, investigators found the man in Okinawa on the 15th and arrested him later on the same day.

The man allegedly sold 0.2 grams of the drugs to Kyohara for ¥40,000 in a parked car in the evening of Jan. 31st at a convenience store parking lot in Ohta City, Gunma Prefecture.

When questioned, the man reportedly has told investigators that he has not been involved in any drug deals, and is denying the charges.

Police has been intensively questioning Kiyohara since his arrest. He has admitted to the use and possession of illegal drugs, but has steadfastly refused to tell investigators where and from whom he bought them.

16:04 15 Jun , 2024