Average company presidents older, women increase

The Okinawa Branch of Teikoku Databank, a business information company, has released a survey putting the average age of a company president in Okinawa at 58.2 years of age as of the end of December 2015. That’s the highest since the records were started in 1990.

The rate of female presidents has increased seven percentage points to 10.1 % in 2015 from 2.9 % in 1990, which also is a new high.

According to officials at the Teikoku Databank, the survey on the age of company presidents has been conducted every year since 1990. The data shows that there has not been so much generational change in small firms as in large companies.

By the graduating school of the presidents, the University of the Ryukyus tops the list with 237 people, and the Okinawa International University is the second with 209 company presidents as graduates.

According to age brackets, a third of the presidents are in their 60’s, a quarter in their 50’s and 18.3 % in their 40’s.

Presidents of companies in the manufacturing industry have the highest average age at 59.7 years.

The data is based on information received from 10,202 corporations and private limited liability companies with head offices in Okinawa.

16:41 15 Jun , 2024