Feb 4 ~ 10


A certain matter that you have considered urgent requires fast action. You can also expect some good news from an unexpected source. You have to split your time among many tasks, so it’s very important that you make sure that your priorities are in place. After certain honest discussions you will come to a conclusion that it’s mandatory that your start enacting some changes.


This weekend you are going to feel an urge to improve your living quarters, maybe because of some pleasant experience in the past. The question is, is this a path to the next step? If you want to spend some private quality time with your lover, be ready to say a firm no to a number of people, who try to push their own ideas of a good time to you. But the decision is entirely yours.


Someone is going to suggest a trip, but you are not interested first. However, it could prove to be the start of a new and interesting adventure. You will find a new level in discussions with a certain person, with whom you have had some trouble communicating with. This could be confusing, so you have to listen very carefully. You must live in the present and aim for the future.


Although your finances are improving, you must continue to pay close attention in order to avoid further mistakes with your money. Be especially careful with small details. Everything starts becoming clear over the weekend when you have more time to relax and think. Someone who has specific knowledge about your past is going to bring you good luck.


The next few days are going to be serene but romantic for you. The only problem is that at times things don’t proceed as quickly as you would like. However, you will encounter a situation when you will be very happy to have enough time to think before responding, so don’t push it. You should not have a bad conscience for the time that is completely yours to spend.


Someone close to you has trouble relaxing before talking to you about some sensitive matter, so keep your ears and eyes open. Your energy level is going to a lower level, and that will affect your ability to come up with new ideas. You must think what you really want to reach. Who are you planning to impress? Set yourself a timeline and start working towards your goals.


Do not stop in your current situation treading water. Sometimes it’s difficult to see a progress. A bit bad luck could also make you feel down, but luckily you are not alone. There is an amazing amount of conflicting information swirling around you, and it really takes an effort to clearly see everything that affects you, when others see nothing at all and even don’t believe you.


Ambition and new possibilities are filling you thoughts this time. You should make sure that you talk about your concerns to right people. There’s someone who would like to learn to know you better. This person could fist seem like shy and insecure, but once you become friends, it would be difficult to find a person who could be more reliable and loyal. So, don’t resist.


Whatever you are planning to do just now, you should hide your thoughts carefully in the presence of negative people. You don’t need anyone indifferent to interfere in your business just now. Something that becomes clear early next week could surprise and even disturb you. To clarify this matter will require fast action and privacy, so be prepared beforehand.


You must stay sharp so that all our moves will be to your advantage. This is especially important with anything that has to do with your work. Make sure that any changes are also in your best interest. You can expect some minor crimps in your relationships, but you should try to see everything from all sides. If at all possible, avoid making firm decisions before mid February.


Something that has to do with your family life could come to the forefront unexpected and disturbing. You should allow a week or two for those events to set in your mind before acting, and besides, the situation could change for the better in the meantime. Many people around you seem like they have lost their way, or even their mind. Your calm thinking is sorely needed.


You feel now exceptionally effective and strong. A certain matter at your work requires again your attention. Instead of allowing frustration to take over, you should concentrate every extra drop of your energy to resolve this matter once and for all. Has the flame gone out of your romance? If this is the case, first you have to find out why this has happened, before you can begin to rectify it.

17:11 15 Jun , 2024