Feb 11 ~ 17


You should follow more your intuition both in love and work. You can expect both romance and money to be in the forefront in your mind. An expense connected to your family could cause a disagreement with your loved one, but you should think twice whether this is worth a fight. You should first make clear your true feelings to yourself, then propose a solution and be flexible.


Are you planning your schedule for the next month already? Before you decide anything, you should be clear about details, as there’s someone who has many questions. Although you enjoy your new hobby, you should not spend all of your time with it. If you really listen to your inner voice, it would whisper you that this is not the time to take more responsibilities on your shoulders.


Do not wallow in the past. You are going to get news regarding your family that is going to blow away any thinking of your past anyway. Some people who would rather see you to be more dependent on them are not at all happy with recent developments, mostly because they don’t understand what’s going on. However, you should realize it’s more their problem than yours.


This time, it would be best for you to keep a low profile if you don’t want to be a part of a rather heated argument. This is especially true regarding matters concerning money. Someone could misunderstand you on purpose and decide to become a pain. You have to decide if you really want to waste your time to this kind of crap instead of doing something useful that you really enjoy.


You are going to have a busy time ahead, but you should still try to have some time to make important decisions that are waiting for you. There are many surprises and secrets surrounding you from all directions. How you react depends on your mood, but in general, you get irritated with people who are trying to play games with you. So, why go along to begin with?


You feel relaxed, and that could lead you to an argument that you simply can’t win. Someone younger than you is expecting your advice, but could be afraid to ask. It’s a good guess that you should give the advice regardless, as that would be for the benefit of everyone. This weekend nice and peaceful moments with your lover could be a rare, and thus should be appreciated.


There could be changes in some close relationships you’ve had, but you should take that as natural evolution. You feel energetic, so you should use your time to look forward and start making arrangements. You are by nature open and honest, but you should stand by our principles when you make a decision. You can always soften the impact with extra kindness if necessary.


You should spend some time to go through the status of your relationships. A certain change of circumstances may have been in waiting but now you should pay attention to it. There might be something amiss regarding your finances, but you have to make the decision by yourself to find a balance, as no one else will. You know that you can do better you just have to start.


You should think ways of improving your closest relationship. Pay attention to any possible misunderstanding or source of argument in advance.. Any relationship needs work as they don’t take care of themselves. Make sure that a proposal you are facing actually is what it seems to be. Also, make time to think through your decision even if that would lead to a delay.


If you want to sit on the driver’s seat, you have to be ready for a competition. Take it easy and slow, as you are under scrutiny. You are by nature quite stubborn, and that could push you to oppose a suggestion that is coming from higher ups, but this is not the right time to rise to the barricades. Better bid you time and see how things develop. This is true especially at your work.


You should try to rein in your emotions in order not to give an impression that you are oversensitive. This is especially important if someone shows interest in your companion. You might see in he situation more than there actually is. It’ natural to be protective of your interests as long as you don’t misinterpret intentions and behavior of people you some into contact with.


A person with a certain aura of sensuality could entice you to do something ill-advised. You are living in emotional and exciting times, so you should beware. Those in a steady relationship could face a dramatic proposal, so be careful. You could be ready to take the next step, but your companion might still want to think it over. Whatever you do, the effect is sure to last long.

17:46 15 Jun , 2024