Large rally held in Tokyo against Henoko construction

A large rally opposing the construction of the MCAS Futenma replacement facility on Camp Schwab in Henoko, Nago City, was organized at nine places across the nation on Sunday.

In Tokyo participants carried signs stating ‘No new base construction in Henoko’ and ‘Do not destroy the sea in Henoko.’ The crows also joined hands surrounding the Diet Building in a human circle.

The demonstration around the Diet Building was the fourth overall and the first since September last year. According to organizers 28,000 people participated in the rally, about 6,000 more than the previous time, making it the largest ever.

From Okinawa, Nago City Mayor Susumu Inamine joined in the demonstration. Diet members opposing the government’s security bills also came to the demonstration, and expressed a desire to join forces to demand abolishing the security bills in addition to opposing the construction in Henoko.

16:14 15 Jun , 2024