Noa Onaga gets new heart in the U.S.

Noa Onaga, the one-year-old girl suffering from a serious cardiac disease, who went to the U.S. to wait for a suitable donor heart mid January, underwent a successful heart transplant surgery at the Colombia University Hospital on Feb. 5th.

According to Operation Save Noa officials, she had a second operation to close the surgery wound on her chest on Feb. 9th, and is now in the ICU in a ventilator. She is reportedly doing well after the operation, and is in stable condition.

The notification of a suitable donor heart came late at night on Feb. 4th, and she went through the heart transplant operation next evening through dawn on the 6th. The operation lasted about 9 hours.

She is expected having to stay in the hospital at least 6 months for after-surgery checkups and rehabilitation.

Noa’s father and mother gave their condolences to the donor, and expressed their heartfelt appreciation for the support they have gotten from people.

17:47 15 Jun , 2024