Norovirus infection halts school lunch program

Norovirus was detected from a member of the cooking staff at a school lunch center serving all schools in Tomigusuku City, and the city government temporarily suspended the school lunch service to all elementary and junior high schools in the city on Monday. The suspension is in effect through Friday.

Because of the suspension, the city board of education has asked for the parents to provide their children with their own box lunches through Feb. 26th.

According to the school lunch center, the staff member complained feeling ill on Feb. 20th, and was diagnosed being infected with norovirus at a hospital. The center is now checking all 52 members of its staff at the school lunch center, including office workers. The center is also carrying out a thorough sanitization of the facility.

The center prepares daily school lunches for about 8,300 people in eight pre-schools, eight elementary and three junior high schools in the city.

During the suspension, milk and dessert that does not go through the center is provided to the schools.

16:34 15 Jun , 2024