Number of foreign workers increased by 44.6%

According to statistics of Okinawa Labor Bureau, released on Feb. 5th, the number of foreigners working in the prefecture increased 44.6 % to 4,898 people, as of the end of October last year, from the same date a year before.

The number of companies, which employed the foreigners, increased 17.5 % to 1,057.

Both the number of the foreign employees and companies employing them reached record high since it became mandatory in 2007 for companies to report their foreign workers.

By nationality, people from Nepal numbering 1,464 people or 29.9 % of the total made up the largest group, followed by 783 people (16.0 % of the total) from China and 673 (13.7 %) from the Philippines.

  • bob

    forget hiring any Americans by these companies one would be dreaming

16:23 15 Jun , 2024