Okinawa taxi fares to rise first time in 9 years

Okinawa General Bureau is considering an increase of taxi fares by 9.1 to 29.3% on Okinawa main island, and an increase of 8.9 to 24.5% on outer Okinawa islands.

According to officials, the reason for the increase is that the number of taxis and taxi drivers operated by Okinawan taxi companies has increased by more than 70 percent over the last few years. Officials are reportedly considering implementing the hike in August. It would be the first fare increase in nine years on Okinawa, and in eight years on outer islands of the prefecture.

The prefecture taxi companies have applied for an increase in taxi fares since Nov. 2015 because the consumption tax increase hiked their overall operating costs. They also point out to the large increase in the number of tourists.

With the new fares, the difference in fares between small and mid-size taxis will be abolished. After the new rules take effect, the starting fare will be set between ¥560 and ¥660 yen on Okinawa main island. On the outer islands the starting fee will be set at ¥480 to ¥570.

15:49 15 Jun , 2024