Passenger from Naha to Minami-Daito missing

A male passenger on a ferry from Naha to Minami-Daito Island is missing, and presumed to have fallen in the ocean.

According to Nakagusuku Coast Guard officials, a crewmember on the ship noticed the man missing when the ferry entered the port at the Minami-Daito Island in the morning of Feb. 26th. The ferry had left the Naha Port in the afternoon on the previous day, and arrived at the Minami-Daito Island Port as scheduled in the following morning.

According to the boarding list, the man is from Osaka and in his 60’s. He is believed to have taken the trip on the ship alone. He was last seen by a crewmember around 03:00.

The Coast Guard has launched a search operation using a helicopter and patrol boat.

17:26 15 Jun , 2024