11 million customers so far visit AEON Rycom

AEON Rycom shopping mall has counted over 11 million customers by the end of Feb. since the mall opened last April. The number is expected to exceed 12 million by the end of March, which is the number the AEON Rycom set as a target for one year.

In the near future, cruise ships are scheduled to make port calls at Nakagusuku Port, and AEON officials expect many of those tourists to visit the mall further increasing the visitor count.

Takahiro Otahara, the general manager of the AEON Rycom says there are more than 150 AEON Malls in Japan, and AEON Rycom has proven to be one of the best by sales volume.

  • Notsolucky

    Visiting is one thing,but how many people actually spent money.

14:12 04 Mar , 2024