2,500 protest in Henoko against rape of tourist

According to organizers, about 2,500 people gathered Monday in front of the main gate of Camp Schwab in Henoko to protest the alleged rape of a female tourist in Naha. A U.S. sailor stationed on Camp Schwab is accused of raping the woman on Mar. 13th after finding her asleep in a hallway in a hotel where they both stayed.

The site in front of the gate has been the site of a continuous demonstration for the past year and half with people opposing the construction of the replacement facility for MCAS Futenma keeping a vigil there.

Nago Mayor Susumu Inamine, a leading figure in the Henoko construction opposition movement took part in the demonstration. “Incidents and accidents never cease to exist as long as there are bases here,” Inamine said speaking to the demonstrators, adding, “If the U.S. military were a good neighbor, this kind of incidents wouldn’t happen.”

After the seaman was arrested, Lt. Gen. Lawrence Nicholson, the top commander of U.S. military on Okinawa Prefecture, went to meet Okinawa Governot Takeshi Onaga to apologize for the alleged rape, and express his “deepest regret and remorse.”

  • Chrism

    And once again they blame the majority for the actions of a few. They might wanna look in the mirror, last i looked they have a much larger problem in their own society when it comes to rapes than us being here. just isn’t advertised

  • Notsolucky

    Maybe in the minds of some protesters,if you don’t address the crimes committed by your own local population are nonexistent and only crimes committed by us “gaijins”are a problem.

    • Draftsman

      Let’s say you had a large population of foreigners living in your city. You’d be cool with them occasionally shooting their American neighbors because there are a lot of shootings in the US right? You’d just shrug and say, “gee, it’s terrible that that happens but we do shoot more of our own than they do.” You wouldn’t have any ill will toward this group of foreigners. Right?

      • Notsolucky

        You seem to have taken what I posted a little out of context,most of it was dry sarcasm .The point I was driving at was the attention given to crimes when committed by a certain group,and the little if any attention given when committed by another.

        • Draftsman

          I understand what you’re saying. And, I’m glad that you recognize this as human tendency rather than just a local one. One might say that you are in a better position than most to understand the way Muslims in the states must be feeling now.

          • Notsolucky

            Well in America is it not just the Muslims,look at the “Illegals Aliens” situation,90% of who came to America to better themselves,work hard and contribute to society often times doing work most Americans would consider beneath them,then because a few (10%) decide they want to commit crimes and make money the wrong way,some people feel it is necessary to stop anyone else from entering America as a way to reduce crime which they figure is mainly due to “Illegals”.
            Oftentimes too many people ignore what is going on in their own backyard but are steadfastly focused on what their neighbor is doing in theirs.

          • Draftsman

            I’d say we’re pretty much in agreement.

  • John

    The US military makes up less than 1% of crime committed in Okinawa! Okinawans drive drunk and run people over and kill them all the time! But no you only hear what we do

  • Notsolucky

    I wonder how many of these protesters really have any sympathy for the rape victim? And is this a genuine protest about the crime committed or is this merely another politicized opportunity to show there resentment towards the proposed futenma relocation deal,seems awfully convenient to be outside the gates of Schwab protesting when the guy accused has not even been formally charged.not taken his side but shouldn’t there be some proof before people rush to make judgements and protests before all the facts a obtained.

03:31 27 Feb , 2024