High school entrance tests today and tomorrow

The annual general entrance examinations to the prefectural public high schools for the April 1 start of the school year are taking place at all 78 prefectural public high and special schools over two days today and Thursday.

12,608 students will vies for seats in both full and part-time high schools. Of those, 12,328 try to get into full-time high schools, and 280 for part-time schools.

The subjects on the first day are Japanese language, science and English. The second day schedule covers social studies, mathematics and an oral test. The test results will be announced at each school 09:00 on Mar. 16th.

Officials at the Okinawa Prefectural Board of Education have asked cooperation of the Okinawa Defense Bureau and Okinawa Provincial Cooperation Office to take measures to reduce noise related to military training in the vicinity of the schools.

12:41 15 Apr , 2024