Mar 3 ~ 9


You should avoid people with negative attitude as much as possible, as this weekend should be dedicated to positive thoughts only. You might need to find yourself something adventurous to do. Maybe you could take a day or two off from work, or even a few hours. It’s almost like you can’t even remember any more what it means to have a good time, and really relax and enjoy.


Although you have plenty of energy, somehow you don’t seem to be able to do what you really would like to do. Maybe your attitude towards people is too soft. You are too kind and unable to say no to the extent that you have no time for yourself. Maybe that’s unavoidable, but that’s what you are. You should try to change and spend this weekend time with people you really like.


There are many things that are not quite clear for you yet, so the days could be somewhat confusing. In order to keep your life little less stressful, you should take care only of business that is absolutely necessary and urgent. Nothing in this life is to important, except gardening, and even that is not so much. Keep in mind that you can ignore people who only waste your time.


Don’t forget your dreams, but instead, use your imagination to force your way ahead. It seems that there are too many aimless people round you. You don’t have to tolerate aggressive behavior from anyone. Think what you have earned on your own. That could be much more than you ever imagined. Now you should learn to take credit whenever it’s due. Don’t let anyone use you.


You have plenty of extra energy but your problem is you don’t really know how to put it into use. To begin with, you must stop threading water, and instead use your every to make a good and serious plan. If you don’t know your goals, you are likely just wasting your time, and that is something to avoid. This weekend could be your lucky day is you only get out of the house.


The weekend could bring a real whirlwind to you. You can clearly see the challenges ahead, and are impatient to start tackling them. But there are others around you who may have hard time to keep up with your pace. That’s something you have to expect, and not waste your energy being angry or frustrated with them. Do your own thing, and they will follow the best they can.


You seem to take everything too lightly. Important people whom you must take into account may have a completely different view, and their attitude could seem to you too serious or even uninterested. But you have to stay sharp in order to be able to recognize an important message among all the noise around you. The information has a very strong impact on your future.


Although the last few days have been quite calm, you feel anything but calm inside. It’s in your nature to have an advance plan on everything, and you want that things get done in your way. This is not always easy for people who have do business with you. Although you want to have romance and fun as much as everyone, you want to clean the table before the fun starts.


Your life seems to be in order and you feel quite satisfied in every way. Just remember to organize your schedule the way that puts you to the right place at the right time and in the company of the right people. Try to minimize your obligatory daily routines to have some extra time. This weekend you can expect to meet a special person, but timing is everything with this, too.


You are in a very good mood and people around you enjoy the good times in your company. All kind of things are now taking place in your life, and it would be no wonder if you missed something important. Luckily everything begins to slow down soon, and that gives you time to concentrate on essentials. That’s also the time to clean the mess from the past few weeks.


Taking a little time to have some deep thoughts about pressing problems is not a waste of time, regardless what some people tell you. You could do well without some of the comments, and not to hear them is not necessarily a bad thing. It often disturbs you that some of your colleagues seem to finish their tasks faster than you, but you have to ask yourself, does that really matter?


You need something to brighten you up. Do you think that your job is only a bore? It’s only your attitude. Think positively, and make a conscious effort to discard the monotone grayness from your days. You can bring some color into your life. Do something that you always wanted to do. And don’t be shy to be your own self. You don’t have to care for the looks you get from the others.

20:34 16 Apr , 2024