Mar 10~16


You may have noticed that lately it has been difficult for you to get your message understood, and especially, regarding a certain person close to you, it has felt almost like that person has made a conscious decision to misunderstand you. You have to wait for a couple of days and let the situation cool down. The explanation could simply be that it’s a leap year.


Some situations, and certainly some persons, can really be a pain. However, you have to keep your cool and be police, even if someone is clearly provoking. The planets are now aligned in a way that it’s difficult for you to get others to agree. Instead, everyone seems to turn against you, but you don’t like to give any slack, either. Luckily, the weekend is near. Are you ready for a romance?


Do not take anything for granted over the next few days. Many of your friends have strong mood shifts, and can change their thinking seemingly without any good reason. But you don’t have to try please everyone, either. Try to concentrate on doing something that you really enjoy. That would help you to clear your insights and perspective into your own life remarkably.


This weekend seems to come with happy skies. You have waited for your turn in the limelight for a long time, and finally you are going to have a chance to show your skills. Prepare yourself by going through once more everything you need to know, and then step forward without hesitation. Do not let anything disturb your confidence, and show everyone your strength.


This weekend promises to be anything but boring, even though strong passions are more or less a thing in the past. But you can enjoy a kind of peace of mind and be satisfied with your circumstances. You know how to enjoy your life and all its possibilities without stressing out. Spending some quality time with your loved ones is the way to cement your relationships.


This time you should concentrate on your family life. It gives you harmony of mind that you crave and need. There is a possibility that you can lend a helping hand to one of your friends, and that would be very rewarding. You should spend time with people who share your vision for the future. It would be much better to join hands and listen carefully to other people’s ideas.


You should try to be more spontaneous especially regarding your work. You have plenty of qualities, on which you should build your future. You are very good company when you are relaxed, and people really like you. Someone new is likely to show interest in you, and that could lead jealousy lifting its ugly head. You should cool the situation, but don’t make a big fuss about it.


Before you enter into any serious conversation, make sure that you have the right question in your head. Your love life requires action from you. Or are you trying to avoid making a decision? If you are not sure, turn a new page. There’s nothing wrong in changing one’s mind as long as everything is kept in the clear and the situation is honest. In this case, talking is golden.


This weekend is marked with spontaneous optimism and good mood. You can feel the destiny is on your side, and that is giving you plenty of confidence. In order for you to get as much as possible out of this opportune time, you naturally have to go out and talk to people, and make a good impression on persons who are important to you and your goals.


Romance is in the air this weekend. If you are single, or in a relationship and want to develop your current relationship further, keep your eyes and ears open. It’s very important that you pick up the smallest of hints, and act on them without delay. However, if your relationship is anything but ideal, maybe this is the time to start thinking possible changes to fix the situation.


Do you think that the last few days have been a little too hard on you? That in spite of your best intentions and attempts, nothing has gone the way you had intended. Luckily, tricky moments of silence and stressing encounters are going to pass. Just hang in there, and your boldness and endurance will get the rewards once the situation calms down. Choose your company with care.


You can expect to have many surprises in the near future, all of which are lucky and welcome. Specifically, this time someone who has been quiet and has not reacted regarding you seems to be waking up. This could have something to do with a romance or changes in your work. Or maybe a desire to start building your own nest has awakened in you. You know it when you see it.

00:55 28 Feb , 2024