Mar 24~30


For the next few days it would be better for you to take a little more relaxed stance about your life in general. You can expect a surprise that is related to your job. Any advance you possibly experience is the result of something you have done very well in the past, but have already all but forgotten. Someone who has been close to you is going to make this weekend special.


You might be afraid that people are taking your for granted and that is holding you back. But that does not help anybody, and is also very frustrating. You should open up your mind to new possibilities, both at work and in your private life. You can expect great rewards, but you have to dare to grab the opportunities and adventures that life can bring within your grasp.


If you are patient enough to choose your words carefully, you will be able to charm any opponent, and easily get people on your side in any argument. Of course, it takes a little more work and a bit more time, but the prize is worth commensurable. You are now in a very effective state of mind and able to accomplish much, but you have to be ready to stand behind your ideas.


Changes in our life do not mean that you must start everything from the beginning. Just pick up everything good from your past experiences and leave the bad behind. You should use more technology to your advantage, and don’t hesitate to ask for help. No one expects you to know everything and take care of it all by yourself. It’s better to ask than pretend to know.


Make clear to everyone, including yourself, that you can’t be subdued. There could be a few stormy days ahead that could temporarily slow down your progress, and you have to be prepared to the idea that not everything goes the way you want. But then you only have to figure out an alternative route to your goals. This is only temporary before you are back on the right track.


Travel could become a bigger part of your life in the near future. Experiencing and experimenting with new ideas and environments could lead to some surprising and even confusing discussions. You have to ask many questions, and be brave enough to admit it when you don’t understand something. In other words, approach new things with a curious mind.


Take care and finish everything you can before the weekend, and then dedicate your time to romance and revelations. You can expect someone to tell your something completely unexpected. But what you answer is much more important than your reaction when you hear it. Consider that someone has felt unhappy for some time, and only you can do something about it.


Work and leisure go hand in hand, and you can expect to hear good new related to both. The only problem could be scheduling, so you have to discuss and plan as much ahead as possible in order to avoid conflicts. Do not get involved in disagreements and quarrels that are none of your business. It’s really important that you stay well away from it and mind only you own business.


Life could get a little complicated for you, and you really have to think whether you could avoid the situation altogether or at least have some influence. Otherwise this is very creative time for you, and your thoughts tend to wander both to the past and future. Even if you don’t realize it yet, you have made a significant turn in your life that could surprise you soon.


You feel somehow absentminded and maybe have difficulty on concentrating, but this will pass by the beginning of the week, things become into focus and everything returns to normal. It could be that you are simply tired, so have enough rest and leave late nights to some time in the future. So, no parties this weekend but instead, pay close attention to your health and eat well.


A positive attitude is the key to success. Do not lose your belief in your own abilities. You have much more talent than most of people think, and now is as good a time as ever to show it. Approaching life with more assured and confident attitude is also the best way to give a boost to your sensuality and love life. And it also helps to earn admiration and praise from your friends.


You should get more out of the house and interacts with people. Listen to their tales of successes and worries, and you will soon notice how rewarding it becomes. We can choose many paths during our lifetimes, and not all of them bring us satisfaction and happiness. But you will soon notice that helping others will also help you. Strange how sharing brings people closer.

23:14 24 Jun , 2024