Mar 31 ~ Apr 6


Although your energy level is not at its peak just now, your mind is bursting with ideas and you are full of enthusiasm. That means the more organized you can get the more of your ideas you can accomplish. Teamwork would also help, and would probably produce new ideas and improvements that you hadn’t even though by yourself. It’s a time to turn to your network for help.


This time it’s easy for you to find the feeling of freedom that you appreciate so much. During the weekend you should concentrate on your social life instead of work, and you would find, even without trying, the most exciting spots to really light you up. Use our time to fine tune your long term plans. And stop the excuses and contact a person you haven’t met for a long time.


As long as your personal contacts are active and working, you can keep your work and home life in balance. If you pay too much attention to either one, the other will suffer, usually sooner than later. If you think that certain people keep raising too much noise about nothing, this time they very likely know something that you don’t know yet. Wait and see is the best attitude.


You should include your companion more in your pet project. Two heads concentrating on the same task together can make wonders. Be careful with your money in a surprise situation this weekend. By slowing down a bit could save you both time and money in the long run. An unexpected slowdown in your income is not going to last, nor will it become a problem.


Just when you begin to think that nothing goes the way you wanted, you will get help from an unexpected source. Be more open about your long-term plans, even if you are not ready to start the action. Mulling them over with good friends could lead to remarkable improvements in your prospects, and it’s healthy to dream. An interesting rumor is going around, but is it true?


There’s a chance that things could change in a remarkable way for the better, if you explain your plans to a right person. When you are facing this kind of possibility you should not hesitate. You can expect to get a chance to sit face to face with an important person soon, so make sure that you are clear with your thoughts. Don’t complicate a simple situation by thinking too much.


A person you have desired very much to get close is all ears now. Think what this person wants from you, and then make clear that you are worth what you advertise. This might not be the most comfortable situation for you to be in, but it could be just what you need in order to grow and progress. You have to learn to appreciate your own work more. If you don’t, who does?


You should be dynamic and organize your schedule with care. Even if your plans are just pieces of ideas, you can organize and make them more coherent in your mind. If you have someone to talk with who has been in the same situation before, that much better. The changes that you are thinking about are the ones that could change the rest of your life for the better.


You will face a chance this weekend to shine in the eyes of someone who’s very important to you. Get your stuff together and be ready to step into the limelight. That special person wants you to be fun and inspirational, and that’s what you do best. You have to believe in yourself, as your friends and everyone around you appreciate your ability to make people to lighten up.


You could win a lot by taking a more optimistic and happier attitude in your private life. In romance, your success now depends on more what you say than what you actually do. Do you really know what a person you want to approach really wants. If you want to impress, you have to figure out the background of your game and also be ready to do some basic groundwork.


Don’t you want to make decisions or be responsible and serious about situations that you face? This could work with your private life, but in your work people are expecting something practical, definite and coherent from you. If you can’t come up with anything on your own, you can always recycle what others have done in a similar situations, but only for a little time.


Your level of energy is not on its top this weekend, but you can use this time to plan the next week’s schedule and the weekend after that. Even if this pushed you outside of your comfort zone, your spiritual growth would benefit, as you would realize that you would grow more confident in taking on new challenges. And clearing hurdles of life is a rewarding experience in itself.

03:36 29 Feb , 2024