Kume Island company obtains halal certificate for products

Point Pyuru Co., a cosmetics maker that produces and sells cosmetics made using Kume Island’s deep sea water and local Okinawan ingredients, has obtained a Halal Certification for three of its products, a shampoo, conditioner and body soap. The Malaysia Halal Corporation Co. Ltd. (MHC) issued the certification on Mar. 12th.

Point Pyuru Co. plans to market these products to hotels on Okinawa that expect to receive an increasing number of tourists from Muslim countries.

Company officials say that it invested about ¥1.7 million to set up the special equipment needed to make the products at its factory on Kume Island.

The company reportedly expects sales of ¥4 to ¥5 million from the products in the first year.

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    This should please all five Muslims in Okinawa. By the way this island is built on pork lol.

03:11 27 Feb , 2024